PERUN MOTO KTM 790/890 LUGGAGE RAILS - Updated design


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Updated design - with L-shaped brackets for both sides (2 per side)!

Fits all KTM 790/890 Adventure bikes.

  • Minimalist side racks, mounted instead of stock rear side covers.
  • Sold as a Set (pair),
  • RHS can be used as a platform for Tool tube, tool roll or small roll bags (5),
  • LHS can be used as a platform for Tool tube, tool roll or small to medium roll bags (5-18 liters, depending on the bag),
  • LHS is perfect platform for Kriega OS-Adventure packs (OS-6, OS-12 or OS-18),
  • Mosko moto Fatty tool roll fits perfectly,
  • Perfect stand-off for large rack-less systems (Mosko moto Reckless 80 or Giant Loop Siskiyou), to keep them away from silencer and rear swing arm (please note - if used with rack-less system on top, only smaller soft bags can be attached to LHS/RHS Rail, like Kriega US-5, Mosko moto Fatty tool roll or standard Tool tube - OS-12 or OS-18 can't be used with rack-less sytem on top of them),
  • Lightweight - made of 5 mm aluminum,
  • All edges are chamfered, 
  • Powder coated to matte black,
  • High quality hardware provided.