2019 KTM 690 - Rade Garage Auxiliary Tank - More RANGE & POWER!

Hey guys, A few days ago, on recommendation of a friend, I installed the Rade Garage Auxiliary tank for my 2019 KTM 690 Enduro R.

Rade Garage make extended tanks for the KTM 690, and the Husqvarna 701. A link to Rade Garage is here : https://www.radegarage.com/

The install was painless. I varied the routing of the fuel line, which I discuss in the walk-around video. Instead of routing through to the fuel pump, I route to the breather port on the main tank filler cap.


I routed this using 1 metre of 3/16 fuel line. It's a super simple installation procedure. If doing this with the https://www.vanaschemotorsports.com/ alloy filler cap, be sure to drill out the breather hole to the same diameter as the breather port piece. The breather hole in the Vanasche is barely 1mm; you'll need to drill out to allow decent flow. The stock cap would be fine.

The way I have the Rade tank setup, allows the suction from the main tank to drain the Rade tank first. The Rade tank solution for the 2019 KTM 690 is fantastic - in that you don't need to remove the seat to fill the tank.

The kit is superb, the support from Rade is excellent. I highly recommend dealing with this company.

My fuel range has increased by around 100 kilometres. This is fantastic. I have a comfortable range of 350 kilometres; probably around 400 kilometres if doing highway touring.

I hope you guys find this video informative, it's not the installation video - but the Rade Garage guys have an excellent install video which I followed, there was no need for me to remake the wheel so to speak.

Ditch the Rotopax! Get the Rade Garage Tank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers and happy trails,

Tori :-)

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