Hey guys, OK, this will be a contentious title, a little click-baity and all that . . . but the honest to God truth of it, is that this day of riding was one of the most fun I have EVER experienced.

Great company, and terrain that blew us all away. I guess it's because we didn't expect it to be so good.

I apologise profusely to Aaron, Oz, Jared and Cam for not getting this video out sooner. There was a LOT of raw footage to work through, and it always felt like a daunting task. What a hell of a day! Thanks to you blokes for being there to share it and make it such a special memory.

This video is LONG. I wanted to capture the feel of the day for viewers, perhaps a few will sit through the entire length of the video and have a sense for the pure joy of sand riding we experienced on the day.

Oh and by the way, this is part one! There is another installment, that didn't end so well . . . . . . . I'll leave that for next time.

As always, safe and happy trails to you guys,


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