BETA 390RR-Racing - Movie Length Trail Ride

Hey guys,

Had a great day out riding the trails over the weekend. We had planned to be in the Flinders Ranges this week, but one of our dogs was a bit poorly and we needed to stay home and look after her.

Anyway, I set up the Sony X3000 on the new lid, and got about 2 hours of raw footage. Heaps of Lisa riding too, which was awesome. It's always better following someone, it makes the footage much more engaging.

The 390 did great on all the terrain, and is a good match with Lisa's 450.

I had a boo-boo on a loose hill. Over-balanced - the 390 is a bit taller than my 300, and I got caught out. Gotta go back and get that shitty loose hil clean next time, I think the trick will be momentum.

Anyway, this 1 hour of trail riding encapsulates what we see in a typical day riding in and around the Grampians National Park. So many great trails, so much fun!

I hope you guys enjoy :-)


Tori & Lisa


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