DAYTONA 675 (onboard & chase video) @ MAC Park

Hey guys,

This is some footage from my second session @ Macnamara Park, South Australia. I had warmed up on the bike earlier this morning, and in this session I am feeling more comfortable and am picking up the pace a bit.

The bike is a weapon, and I would have hopefully built speed over the day and reduced times even further; but I had a mechanical - likely a blocked injector. The bike had sat for years with old fuel and no doubt some of it had made its way to the injection system. Oh well, it should be a relatively easy fix.

At the conclusion of this session, I spent a couple hours troubleshooting, took the tank off, removed pump, checked filter, pulled spark-plugs and made sure they were seated correctly etc.

I love this bike though, the previous owner got it set up beautifully. It handles like a dream, turns really well, and has oodles of power on tap. More time on the seat will see me go faster and faster.

I hope you enjoy this footage.

Cheers & happy trails



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