KTM 690 - SWM SuperDual X - Suzuki DR650 - Movie Length Trail Ride - 4K ULTRA HD

Hey guys,

I've decided to try out a movie-length trail ride video. I've made this firstly for the two riders along on the day - Dick (Richard) riding his brand new SWM Superdual X, and Atreyu riding his trusty Suzuki DR650.

I've known Dick for over 20 years, I actually taught him how to ride his first motorcycle back in the day, on my old KLR250. He was addicted after that first day on a bike, and he went on to become a passionate road-rider - and racer. He has track bikes and powerful naked bikes and is very skilled on the tar. I'd always hoped he would get into dirt riding of some sort, and he's recently purchased his first dual-sport, a SWM SuperDual X. He's proving to be a fast learner on this machine, and he absolutely loved this day out riding. Even with the odd drop, which is to be expected :-)

I hadn't ridden with Atreyu before, but he handled himself on his DR650 very well. The DR650 is a simple yet highly effective dual-sport marque, still going strong after decades of use worldwide by countless passionate Suzuki riders. It's a perfect bike for the conditions we were riding.

At the conclusion of this edit, I was left with what was a movie-length piece. I've decided not to trim it any further, I won't be offended if you guys can't watch all of it, in fact you might skip through plenty of it. If you do manage to watch the entire length, let me know and maybe one day you'll get a free T-shirt LOL - if and when I make such things available :-)

Anyway, this will be the first of many rides on the dirt with Dick and Atreyu. We are planning a Simpson Crossing in the near future, and other trail rides more locally.

As always, safe and happy trails to you all.


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