SKYDIO 2 - Autonomous Drone - KTM 690 & CRF 450

So . . . I've recently purchased a new drone : the one and only SKYDIO 2. This is an incredible piece of tech, and this evening I tested this thing out while riding my KTM 690 Enduro R with Lisa on her CRF 450LX.

This was a conservative flight, in an open field. It didn't test the abilities of the drone [to avoid obstacles] but it definitely proved incredible in the way the drone anchors to the subject and tracks and films in beautiful 4K HDR.

I'm very, very impressed by this drone. All this was done on one battery, the original footage was 14 minutes long and I landed with approximately 30% battery remaining.

I carried the SKYDIO 2 beacon, which gives the drone a GPS lock to accompany the visual lock. When riding faster than the drone, it knows where I am in 3d space, and can catch up without cancelling the recording.

I will be using this drone much, much more in the future, and I hope you enjoyed this little vid.



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