PERUN MOTO 2021+ 1290 Super Adventure Billet Top Rack


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Fits all 2021+ KTM 1290 Super Adventure bikes.

Doesn't fit on pre-2021 models, if you need a rack for pre-2021 KTM 1290 Super Adventure, check - HERE

  • Low profile - due to unique 3D milled angled spacer platforms and angled countersunk holes, rack sits low, close to the tail plastics and at the same angle as the stock seat;
  • Customizable - it can be used with our without stock grab handles; three different height options so it can perfectly support different luggage options,
  • Supports stock grab handles - rack sits directly above stock grab handles, providing adequate support when grab handles are being pulled upwards,
  • Twenty six slots - strapping points for all kind of soft luggage, tool bags or roll bags, slots for perfect Mosko moto Reckless 80 mounting,
  • Adequate top surface - approx. 30/20 (W) x 31.5 (L) cm of completely flat top surface, perfect for 10-30 liter soft bags,
  • Strap-friendly -  chamfered, smooth edges,
  • Strong and durable - milled out of aluminum-magnesium alloy, attached to the bike using M8 bolts,
  • Lightweight - less than 1 kg, weights less than stock rear rack,
  • Givi/Kappa Monokey top case ready - pre-drilled holes for Givi adapter kit (not included - check instructions for details) - limited compatibility with plastic Givi Trekker cases - email for details,
  • SW-motech top case ready - pre-drilled holes for SW-Motech adapter kit (not included check instructions for details),
  • Rotopax ready- pre-drilled holes for Rotopax mount (mount not included), for 1 gallon Rotopax fuel or water can,
  • Kriega OS-Rack Loops ready - pre-drilled and chamfered holes for Kriega OS-rack loops, for perfect mounting of Kriega bags, 
  • Future proof - marked holes for upcoming KTM luggage options,
  • All necessary hardware provided - high quality 10.9 zinc coated bolts and powder coated spacers,
  • High quality powder coat - matte black powder coat (top of the line IGP Duraface powders).

Additional spacers for removing passenger grab handles included!


Instructions - HERE.


Design details - HERE.


Rack with Kriega US-Drypack bags - HERE


Rack with Mosko moto Reckless 80 V.3 - HERE.