Vanasche Motorsports BRAKE PEDAL PADS - DOWEL PIN


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Precision machined from Billet 6061 aluminum these pedal pads are very robust and with the anodized finish they look great too. The largest benefit coming from the pressed dowel pins which offer amazing grip as well as a true sense of feedback through pedal feel.

P2 (most popular)- Underside mounted Pedal pad.  Exceptionally STRONG design with the pocketed fit. This is approximately the same sized platform as stock and mounts on the bottom side of the lever. It provides about ~3/8" drop overall from factory. This is designed to work with our Billet Brake Pedals for the ultimate in strength but with a small amount of filing it will work with the stock lever as well.

P3 - Stepped pedal pad which offers two different braking heights for sitting and standing. Designed to work with our Billet Brake Pedals as well as the stock lever. The upper platform level is about the same height as stock, the lower platform is dropped by about 1/2". 

P4 - Slightly Oversized surface area over the stock pedal pad. This pad has two mounting positions so that you can position it further forward or rearward.